Classroom Contributions

Home & School Partnership (H&S) at Plumstead Christian School believes in the importance of the larger community in building a rich Christ-centered environment for our students.  Research consistently shows that students who attend schools with a rich and involved parent volunteer community perform better in all areas of school life, including academics.  We also believe we are the body of Christ and that in order to encourage, inspire and motivate one another we have to participate together in the greater goals of life at PCS. Finally, H&S believes in the importance of parents and teachers creating a partnership that strives towards common goals and being a blessing and resource for our hardworking teachers and staff.

The following mission statement embodies that two pronged goal:

The suggested amount is $30 per student.  Participation is voluntary and very much appreciated.

Please do not combine contributions with LS students.  Separate checks/contributions should be made to Upper School  and Lower School campuses.

Funds can be given to the MS/US office or paid online through Family ID.