2024 - 2025 Continuous Enrollment for Current PCS Families

Continuous Enrollment FAQS

Key Dates:

December 8, 2023:
New Variable Tuition Portal Open

February 9, 2024: Variable Tuition Applications Due (K - 12th grade)

March 1, 2024: Variable Tuition Awards Sent (K - 12th grade)

March 8, 2024: 2024 - 2025 Commitment Deposits Due for All Families (Preschool - 12th grade)

What is continuous enrollment and how is it different from the previous re-enrollment process?
Continuous enrollment means that once you are a student enrolled at Plumstead Christian School, you are automatically enrolled in the next grade level each academic school year.  Now that all families have enrolled in the Continuous Enrollment Program, there is NO ACTION that parents/guardians need to take to secure a seat for their student for the next school year, and no re-enrollment packet to complete. 

How do I know if I completed a Continuous Enrollment Tuition Agreement?
ALL students enrolled in PCS for the 2023 - 2024 school year already have a continuous enrollment tuition agreement on file and are enrolled in the Continuous Enrollment Program!

How do I apply for tuition assistance?
Families with students in grades K - 12 are eligible to apply for needs-based tuition assistance through our Variable Tuition program. More information and instructions for accessing the NEW portal (via Blackbaud) can be found HERE. Variable tuition applications are due by February 9, 2024. Families MUST apply by this date to receive a variable tuition award prior to the March 8th continuous enrollment deadline. When you apply for variable tuition by the February 9th deadline, you will ensure that you have your family's tuition information available to you prior to the date that your commitment deposit is due (March 8th). Accounts must be current in order to receive a variable tuition award for the 2024 - 2025 school year.


Is there a financial commitment required at the Continuous Enrollment deadline of March 8th?
Yes! The commitment deposit is $100 per preschool student and $500 per family for K-12th grades, and will be automatically withdrawn via ACH on March 8, 2024.  This deposit allows us to make plans for staffing, programming, instructional materials, and facility usage. Commitment deposits will be credited toward your first 2024 - 2025 tuition payment. The continued enrollment fee will also be included on your tuition invoice, and is $75 for one student, and $135 for two or more students. 

If you need to update your ACH information, please contact Connie Brautigam in the business office at cbrautigam@plumsteadchristian.org or 215-866-8073. If you are not an ACH participant, please send a check to the Business Office payable to PCS on or before March 8, 2024.

What action(s) do we need to take by the March 8th Continuous Enrollment deadline?
There is NO ACTION to take if your child will be continuing his/her education at PCS for the 2024 - 2025 school year. If your child or family will not be continuing at Plumstead Christian School for the 2024 - 2025 school year, you must contact the Admissions Office prior to March 8, 2024.

(Note: If you are not an ACH participant, there is one action - you will need to send a check for the continued enrollment deposit to the business office by March 8th.)

My child is in Preschool or entering Kindergarten. How do I request my child’s schedule?
Beginning January 8th, preschool families will have the opportunity to request class schedules (half day, full day, etc.) for the 2024 - 2025 school year. More information will be provided by your preschool teacher, and the form is also available HERE.

 Is the Continuous Enrollment deposit refundable?
No refunds of the continuous enrollment deposit will be given after March 8th, except for a relocation of 25 miles or more from the family’s current address, or a military move (orders are required).

What if we are unsure about continued enrollment for the 2024 - 2025 academic school year?

You can choose to “opt-out” of continuous enrollment by notifying admissions of your decision to withdraw your child. Please note that due to growing enrollment, we have moved to a wait pool process for new applicants to PCS, and once the March 8th continued enrollment deadline has passed, empty seats will be filled by new applicants in our wait pools at all grade levels.

Without a re-enrollment packet, how will I update my child’s demographic or medical information?
As a part of your Back to School checklist in August 2024, you will be asked to make any updates to your child’s information via the forms in FACTS Family Portal.  We encourage you to keep this information up-to-date year round!  However, we will remind you to provide any updates prior to the start of the 2024 - 2025 school year. At that time, you will also complete a few Back to School forms, including annual media permission, annual field trip permission and technology use agreement forms.

If you have additional questions, please contact Jenn Jacobs in the Admissions Office at jjacobs@plumsteadchristian.org or 215-766-8073.